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Introduction to Typing
  • Overview of the importance of typing skills
  • Introduction to the keyboard layout and finger placement
  • Understanding ergonomics and proper posture for typing
Touch Typing Basics
  • Learning the home row keys and finger positions
  • Developing touch typing techniques
  • Practicing keystrokes and letter combinations
Building Typing Speed
  • Increasing typing speed through exercises and drills
  • Developing muscle memory and finger dexterity
  • Using online typing tools and software for practice
Improving Accuracy
  • Techniques for reducing typing errors
  • Identifying and correcting common mistakes
  • Proofreading and editing typed documents
Special Characters and Symbols
  • Typing special characters, punctuation marks, and symbols
  • Using keyboard shortcuts for efficiency
  • Developing familiarity with number and symbol placement on the keyboard
Numeric Keypad Typing
  • Introduction to the numeric keypad layout
  • Developing proficiency in numeric entry
  • Practicing calculations and data entry using the numeric keypad
Typing Speed Tests and Assessments
  • Taking timed typing speed tests to measure progress
  • Assessing accuracy and identifying areas for improvement
  • Setting personal goals for typing speed and accuracy
Typing Formatting and Document Creation
  • Formatting typed documents (e.g., font, size, alignment)
  • Creating basic documents (e.g., letters, memos, reports)
  • Applying formatting styles and templates

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Alumini Testimonials

  • I feel that over the duration of the course I gained a lot of knowledge and practical strategies that will be beneficial to me, and those I deal with personally and professionally. The course exceeded

    Surjeet Bishnoi Gramin Shiksha
  • Good environment for girl students and i am very happy to learn my course.

    Sakshi Gramin Shiksha
  • I have joined Gramin Shiksha for certified computer course. In my point of view course syllabus are well designed and teach very well by mam. So, i strongly suggest to join any offer course by Gramin

    Lovepreet Singh Gramin Shiksha
  • Best institute for computer course. Where we can find good computer teacher.

    Manisha Gramin Shiksha
  • My batch is completed today best computer class for basic and advance course.

    Manju Gramin Shiksha
  • I like the institute and like class time.

    Satish Gramin Shiksha
  • My experience was so good and I am recommended to all students for learning computer courses. Nice Staff and faculty teaching method is good.

    Shubham Gramin Shiksha
  • Any institute success is determined by the right connectivity between the teacher and students and mam is the best examples of that. The way she teach is too good or beyond good.

    Sumit Gramin Shiksha
  • Very good environment for the students.

    Dimple Gramin Shiksha
  • I learn lot of new knowledge not only for Azure but also other from Mam. Thank for excellent training given by you.

    Abhay Gramin Shiksha
  • It was a really very good experience. All the details covered by mam is really great. Every smallest information was well explained by mam. I am really thankful to mam.

    Anisha Gramin Shiksha